How stable is 'stable at room temperature'

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Well, not wishing to brag as the temperature heads over 30 degrees again but the warm weather here in Gisborne made me think of the question we're often asked about the PCR reagents we sell from our European manufacturer Solis BioDyne. Yes, all their reagents (dNTPs, ladders, PCR masters etc) are stable at room temperature for up to a month and we're often asked 'how stable are they really?)
Solis regularly demonstrates the stability of their enzymes and the hot weather here made me think of a recent demonstration they showed - and kindly let me reproduce here. As they say, a picture speaks. . .

The team has a habit of travelling to various places around the world with reagents in their luggage. No packaging, no chilling - just the tubes. After trips they're then run in conventional or qPCR applications. So on a trip to Egypt. . . .


PCR reagents in foreground at Mit-Rahina outdoor museum


PCR reagents at the Sphinx

 After the trips, the reagents are then assessed against reference reagents. In this case, qPCR shows the same Cq for samples with reference and 'well-travelled' reagents and thus the performance is the same, demonstrating that the 'travelled' reagent retains full activity.


qPCR results between masters

I might just have to take some reagents down to the beach with me next time. Or to this place: Anaura Bay, just north of Gisborne. Just back from a few days camping over Waitangi weekend in this spectacular area, when this photo was taken by Gisborne photographer and artist, Laura Scheper

 Anaura Bay

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