qPCR inventor and his NZ connection

Posted by John on 11 May 2014 | 3 Comments

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So you might have read the previous entry about the visit to see the first thermalcycler "Mr Cycle" at the Smithsonian. You haven't? No problem, I'll wait while you jump over to have a read . . . .
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I mentioned to Mallory (who kindly showed me the items) about the invention of qPCR and the original apparatus. Upon leaving, I contacted the person involved in those early days (including the photo of myself with Mr Cycle) and he replied back about how Mr Cycle had been on the bench next to him when he joined Cetus. Unfortunately the original qPCR apparatus had been disbanded - as he wrote "It was really just a light stand, a camera, a thermocycler, a light source and a PCR brought together"

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Visiting the original PCR

Posted by John on 23 February 2014 | 4 Comments

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A trip to the USA last year was a a chance to mix business with pleasure. Usually these are two separate entities but one that combined both occurred on a trip to the Smithsonian Institute (American History Museum) in Washington. While Belinda headed off to see the First Ladies' dresses, I was lucky enough to head behind the scenes to a particular storeroom in the Smithsonian. This in itself is not particularly exciting since the Smithsonian only has a fraction of its items on display at any one time so must have more storerooms than display rooms!

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