being sensitive to qPCR

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One of the great features of PCR is its excellent sensitivity as we know. And many articles describe real-time qPCR as an added leap forward in that sensitivity – to the point where it has become a standard feature of a new assay description

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welcome to dnature

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Welcome to the dnature blog. I'm planning to write regular tech stuff along with mention of articles and notes that catch my mind. Of course that's a little bit dangerous, as many may know I have a 'flytrap' mind and all sorts of PCR / DNA things tend to stick - some of them useful. . .and some of them. . . well, interesting.
So why the name dnature for the new company? "dna in a range of nature" sums it up. My interest in PCR isn't limited to one application. Over the years (I should count them) I've collected  probably well over a thousand papers (I should count them too!) on the use of PCR, real-time qPCR and general molecular techniques for many different applications. So probably no surprise that I now work on a range of things including plant viruses, water quality bacteria, wine yeasts, truffles and human SNPs. You can see more of the stuff I do here.
I hope you find the blog useful - and interesting. Really, you'd be happy with just one of these? Feel free to leave a comment about any of the posts and welcome to dnature

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