Save time! no freezing required!

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No, the title is not the promotion for a product but information on one of our habits. So it's getting towards 5pm and you've added your salt of choice and ethanol/isopropanol for your nucleic acid precipitations. The freezer makes a convenient holding place for your tubes and you're off home.

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making one band from many

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This article was originally published at BitesizeBio here
It’s the molecular biologist’s version of ‘I have good news. . and bad news’.
The good news is that I amplified the DNA band of interest. The bad news is that I amplified these other bands as well! Oh, and this smear. What to do?
Typically you might try and cut out the band of interest and gel-purify – an issue if it’s a lower intensity product and most of the DNA is lost in the subsequent purification. Or the products are more closely spaced than your dexterity allows.

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more more plasmid

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In the days when doing plasmid minipreps, I certainly enjoyed the increased yields from using Terrific Broth (TB) over standard LB. Although, because it took a while to make - and would get pinched by others and inevitably contaminated - it was always labelled as something else. UFB used to stay on the shelf quite happily. Indeed, if the recipe was for Terrific Broth then mine was better than just terrific - it was Un-%&$#ing-Believable.

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