4 April, 2017  Coffee and PCR ? Could there be a better combination?

Check out our latest promotion for GC Mastermix here and product info is right over here


13 Oct, 2015, new XLT cDNA supermix for maximum sensitivity cDNA synthesis

Still in the convenient 5X one tube format . . . but novel enyme, buffer and additives for superior performance

10 Oct, 2015, company profile of DeNovix

Read about DeNovix and the new DS-11-FX: the first combined microvolume spectrophotometer and fluorometer . . . and still without a PC ! More on this instrument here


3 July, 2015, Discovery of new pathogen in NZ bees

"Bee geneticist applauds work of researchers" here

4 April, 2014, Viaflo ASSIST at Analytica 2014

Michael Beier shows dnature the Viaflo ASSIST for automating multi-channel pipettes - for routinely-performed applications such as serial dilutions, plate filling and other reagent additions.

17 August, 2013, Gisborne Herald, "Gene Hunter launches product"

6 August, 2013, Launch of ApiVirus™ Bee Tests - viruses and Nosema detection in bees

In NZ's Bee month, dnature diagnostics & research ltd are pleased to launch their ApiVirus™ Bee Health DNA tests. This is the first time that tests have been available to commercial bee keepers and producers of honey and honey products. >> more


23 May, 2013, New DNA test can detect Bluff oyster-killing infection

A new DNA test has been developed to detect low levels of the Bluff oyster-killer bonamia.
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) and molecular diagnostic company dnature
have developed a DNA test that is more sensitive, and can detect lower levels of infection, than using a microscope.

Bonamia, a microscopic disease of oysters, is not harmful to humans or animals, but kills . . . >> more


15 January, 2013, new PIRO video available

A new video on the PIRO operation is available here


30 July, 2012, Viaflo 96 now available . . . 96 channel handheld pipetting

Now available in NZ. Benefit from the increased productivity delivered by the VIAFLO 96. Fast replication or reformatting of 96 and 384 well plates is now as easy as pipetting with a standard electronic pipette into a single tube.


23 May, 2012, Personal PIRO robot from German company Dornier-LTF now released

Ease meets safety, precision and flexibility. 16 position deck to automate 96, 384 plate loading. Prepare multiple master mixes, serial dilutions - all from easy to use wizards and templates. Read more on the PIRO page under 'Automation'


10 May, 2012, New qPCR mastermixes for environmental samples - Quanta ToughMix

New ToughMix from Quanta - enables expression analysis and other quantitative applications from crude samples such as lysates, blood spots, plant tissues and clinical samples. ToughMix flier here


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