Launch of Milk & Dairy DNA testing

DNA testing allows fast, sensitive and specific detection of particular target organisms & biological products. Similar methods are used commonly in hospitals (for disease organisms), forensics (for DNA profiles of offenders) and university laboratories.

Sensitive means DNA testing can detect low levels of the targets of interest – whether it is an offender’s DNA from a blood drop or a low level of disease in a hospital lab. Specific means the testing (when properly used) will only detect the target organism of interest, even if other related species or similar DNA sequences are present in the sample.

The rise of sheep & goat milk, milk powders and dairy products has led to concern about cross-contamination of products with other species, especially when multiple products/species are processed on the same line. In addition, there has been a demand to assess that raw materials are what is stated i.e. without adulteration by lower cost bovine milk and milk powder.

dnature has developed specific tests for cow, goat, sheep & buffalo, along with new DNA extraction methods to purify DNA from these dairy products. Therefore, different species can be detected in a milk, milk powder, cheese or other dairy products and their relative amounts quantified by the way of percentage in the finished product.

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