Mic Promotion

Until November, when you order your Mic (2 channel or 4 channel), you will also receive FREE HRM software, valued at $2,000.  Visit our Mic page to find out more how this little pocket rocket can speed up your work flow while taking up the space of your hand in the lab.  Oh and you can check out your work using the wireless function while having your morning coffee.



The Foster Method: published in The Journal of Apiculture Research

February 08, 2024 – a world-first method, developed by dnature, to assist beekeepers in detecting the devastating disease, American Foulbrood…


Latest Situation & Outlook for Primary Industries

The Ministry of Primary Industries have published their outlook for New Zealand’s primary industries. The full report is here but…


What if my business used PCR testing?

What would that mean for your business?  Would it even be useful?  The answer to those questions depend on what…