Press Release – New tool in the fight against the spread of Mycoplasma bovis in the beef & dairy industries

Gisborne biotech company, dnature diagnostics & research, has launched a new DNA test to detect Mycoplasma bovis, a bacteria that threatens New Zealand’s dairy and beef industries.

The test has been shown to offer better sensitivity (ie better ability to detect low levels of bacteria) than other internationally developed methods.  It also features a control test that ensures that the correct sampling and processing has been performed.  This means increased assurance that negative tests are truly negative and not due to a failure in the sampling or testing process.

The test also has the unique feature of detecting M.bovis twice within the one test.  This means reduced risk in missing a positive case in the rare instance where the bacteria may escape detection with a single test.  The two M.bovis tests plus the  control are all in one process  – the net result being increased confidence in the test result for both positive and negative answers.

“Feedback from early users of this kit has been excellent”, says Belinda Mackay, dnature’s general manager, “with the ability to discriminate this damaging bacteria from other closely related bacteria that may be detected with other tests”.

The test is being made available to diagnostic laboratories.

About Mycoplasma bovis (from MPI):



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