Baseline-ZERO™ DNase, 5,000 Units



Baseline-ZERO™ DNase* digests dsDNA and ssDNA into mononucleotides more effectively than the commonly used bovine pancreatic DNase I.

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Product Details

Baseline-ZERO™ is able to:

  • effectively digest large or small dsDNA and ssDNA into mononucleotides, more effectively, than commonly used bovine pancreatic DNase I. Small DNA oligonucleotides that remain after treatment with bovine pancreatic DNase I are undetectable by gel electrophoresis following treatment with Baseline-ZERO DNase.
  • Digest unwanted dsDNA and ssDNA molecules including small ssDNA such as random hexamers
  • Use in sensitive applications requiring reverse transcription where any contaminating DNA is unwanted


  • Removal of genomic DNA from small-sample total RNA preparations for expression analysis (below graph)
  • Removal of small DNA oligonucleotides (e.g., random primers)

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