Beer & Cider Testing

We’re experts in PCR but not in brewing or making cider.  What we can do though is tell you if your beverage, or its’ vessel, has unwanted yeasts or bacteria.

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Product Details

Not only can we test your beverages for yeasts & bacteria but also the vessels that they’re packaged in.  These tests include a variety of yeasts & bacteria that you can see on our submission form along with diastatic yeast.

Diastatic yeast is great for a Belgian-style beer but not for other styles of beer.  Along with the diastatic yeast test, we can also detect the ability of the diastatic yeast to super-attenuate your beer.

Our fast testing & reporting means we can tell you quickly if you have an issue, or if its’ serious, so that you can concentrate on making great beverage as well as stopping your customers drinking a beverage that isn’t at its’ best.