BioSpec Mini Beadbeater-16

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The Mini-Beadbeater-16 is a high-energy cell disrupter.

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Product Details

BioSpec Mini Beadbeater-16The Mini-Beadbeater-16 is a high-energy cell disrupter designed to handle four to sixteen samples (in 2ml tubes) at a time. An optional adaptor allows the use of 7ml  vials (up to 8) as well.

The Mini-BeadBeater-16:

  • disrupts microbial cells and plant and animal tissue by violently agitating four to sixteen 2 ml screw-cap tubes containing small ceramic or steel beads and disruption buffer.
  • completely homogenises resistant samples like yeast, spores or fibrous tissue are completely homogenized in around 3 minutes in 0.1 to 1 ml of extraction medium.
  • non-foaming, aerosol-free method preserves enzymes and organelles.

In the presence of nucleic acid extraction media such as phenol, Gu-SCN or a commercial kit solution, DNA or RNA is recovered in the highest possible yield. The method is ideal for PAGE, PCR applications and diagnostics.

Because the beads and vials are disposable, there is absolutely zero cross-contamination between samples – essential for PCR techniques. Protocols using different models of the mini beadbeaters are transferable with minimal modification.


  • Power: 230 volts, 50Hz, 3.7 amps.
  • 25cm D X 41cm W X 30cm H, 18kg
  • Shaking pattern: Uses proven, more efficient near horizontal vial orientation with shaking motion top-to-bottom (not side-to-side or vortex-like) shaking patterns.
  • Capacity: four to sixteen screw-cap microvials (0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 ml) each handling 1 to 400 mg (wet weight) bio-sample.
  • Shaking speed: 3450 oscillations/min.
  • Throw or vial displacement: 2cm
  • Timer: 0-5 minute digital, with auto reset.
  • Removable vial-holding cassette.
  • Recycle delay time: No imposed motor cool-down-time between each sample run.
  • The Mini-BeadBeater-16 uses standard screw-cap plastic microvials (snap top tubes are not recommended due the potential for aerosol contamination).