Lactic Acid Bacteria (Beer/Cider) qPCR kit, 100 reactions


Lactic acid bacteria, in beer and cider, can cause spoilage especially if found to be hop resistant.

This kit was developed to detect levels of lactic acid bacteria, in beer and cider, and can ensure that spoilage species, such as lactobacilli, are not present.


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Product Details

Developed to detect lactic acid bacteria in beer which is a spoilage bacteria that can make beer undrinkable due to the production of lactic acid, diacetyl and turbidity.  Beers that are sold as unpasteurised are more susceptible to this bacteria.

This test kit has been optimised on the Mic qPCR machine but is well suited to other PCR machines.

Our wine & beverage extraction kit is available to use with this PCR kit.  For further information on this test, please contact us.


To find out price and availability information for your region, please email [email protected] and provide your business, contact and delivery details.

These kits can be shipped worldwide on blue ice along with our extraction kits.

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