Meat ID Testing

This suite of tests means manufacturers can test for meat authenticity and to ensure contamination has not occurred in any clean down processes.

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Product Details

Our meat identification testing allows meat product manufacturers the flexibility to choose a base species as well as up to 3 additional ‘contaminant’ species.   The composite test method that we have developed means that this test is considered as a single test.

We currently test for Cow, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Horse & Deer but can add additional animals to the test suite, if required.

For the manufacturer of animal products this test provides:

  • certainty that the animal product is as expected
  • assurance that no contamination has occurred in the manufacturing or cleaning process
  • a marketing tool for product authenticity to customers

If you’re unsure of what test you need, or if you need a specific test, and it is not listed above, contact us to discuss how we can develop a test for you.


For testing, download our Meat ID submission form.  We have it in a Word or PDF format for your convenience.

 If you have any questions about testing or anything else, call us on 0800 362 8873 (0800 DNATURE) or email us.