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dnature has more than a decade’s experience in real-time PCR and over 15 years’ in PCR methodology. We’re not just at the forefront of this research in New Zealand; we’re up with the very latest breakthroughs worldwide, and work with industries all over the world to help them make sure they’re on track. 

Put our experience and know-how to work on your behalf with: 

Assay Design 

If you need a particular assay design developed – whether dye, probe-based or high resolution melting – we can help you with getting a high-performing assay working to your requirements. We have considerable experience in the development of multiplex assays to increase throughput and decrease pipetting steps and reagent costs. 


Whether you’re new to PCR or establishing a new methodology, we can help you get underway using best practice techniques. We can also present on the theory of PCR / real-time qPCR to ensure thorough understanding of the methods. 

Take advantage of our extensive training and presentation experience on teaching PCR to a range of expertise levels throughout New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. 


Having a problem with a particular assay? Consult us for advice. When you consider the cost of a failed run (reagents, template and time!), it’s much more economical to get us on board before you set up that next run. 


Looking for someone to run a SNP assay for you? We can use your assay or design a new one – as well as test your samples for you. We’re happy to accept DNA samples or we can extract the DNA from your samples of interest – whether animal, plant or human. Contact us to discuss your requirements – you can be assured of full confidentiality. See more