Quantabio qScript Ultra SuperMix, 500 x 20 µl reactions

SKU: 95217-500

Faster, better, tougher next generation cDNA SuperMix for first strand cDNA synthesis.

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Product Details

qScript Ultra SuperMix is a highly stabilised, efficient and easy-to-use single tube master mix for the synthesis of first-strand cDNA to reverse transcribe RNA to cDNA.

A key component is a novel, state-of-the-art, RNase H deficient reverse transcriptase that was engineered for improved thermo-stability, velocity, processivity, and resistance to many common inhibitors. qScript Ultra SuperMix contains all required components for first-strand cDNA synthesis except RNA template and is directly compatible with downstream 2-step RT-qPCR or RT-PCR procedures.

This mix has:

  • Superior speed – 10 minute reaction time with a total protocol time of 13 minutes
  • Enhanced thermo-stability – engineered for RT activity up to 65°C, overcoming challenging secondary structures
  • Maximum yield & sensitivity – wide dynamic range with no loss in cDNA abundance linearity from total RNA 2.5 µg – 1 pg
  • Ultimate inhibitor resistance – overcome a wide array of PCR inhibitors such as salt, heparin, melanin etc
  • Balanced coverage of long transcripts – unbiased representation of the transcriptome in cDNA product
  • Ease of use – single tube mix with all required components for cDNA synthesis except RNA template

Storage & Handling

Store components in a constant temperature freezer at -25°C to -15°C.  After thawing, mix thoroughly before use.

We found that the qScript Ultra Supermix was great.

I directly compared Ultra (95217) with what we had currently been using (q Script, 95048).

We found that the Ultra reagent was superior.

I feel like it’s easier to explain with a picture.

We used three different primer sets (A, B, C) with two different samples (1 & 2).

For set A results were similar enough between reagents. However, for set B & C the product yield was greater with Ultra, especially for sample 1. Unfortunately my positive control did work well in that run for B & C.

I think we would have saved a lot of time and money with downstream sequencing had we been able to use Ultra for the whole project, and hopefully we can use this going forward. SB – Massey University