QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution 1.0, 5ml

SKU: L-QE09051

L-QE0905T – QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution 1.0, 5ml

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Product Details

This solution can be used to rapidly and efficiently extract PCR-ready genomic DNA, from almost any sample type, using a simple, one-tube protocol that takes only 3-8 minutes.  Sample types include hair follicles, quill-end cells of feathers, tissue-culture cells, buccal cells and mouse tail snips.

The extracted DNA is suitable for PCR analyses such as genomic, transgenic, or viral DNA screening in animals, or for genetic or environmental research and screening in humans and other organisms.

The QuickExtract method allows for the inexpensive processing of one to hundreds of samples simultaneously, without centrifugation, spin columns or the use of any toxic organic solvent. The method is also compatible with robotic automation.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast – 8-minute extraction protocol for most samples
  • Simple – no centrifugation of spin columns used to help increase yields
  • Automation-friendly – simple protocol making it easy to integrate into automated workflows
  • Safe, non-toxic reagents


Transgenic mouse genotyping, genetic studies, human identity testing, or viral/microbial screening