Total RNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) 4 Preps

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Total RNA Mini Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) 4 Preps

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The RNA Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell) is a RNA Isolation Kit designed for total RNA purification from fresh whole human blood and cultured cells. This RNA Kit will purify RNA from blood within 20 minutes using an efficient RNA miniprep system. Detergents and chaotropic salt are used to lyse cells and inactivate RNase. RNA in the chaotropic salt is bound by the glass fiber matrix of the RNA spin column and once any contaminants have been removed, using the Wash Buffer (containing ethanol), the purified total RNA is eluted by RNase-free Water and ready for use in various downstream applications. Each Geneaid RNA Kit includes individually packaged certified DNase and RNase-free spin columns and collection tubes.



  • Purify total RNA within 20 minutes
  • High Yield: up to 2 µg from whole blood, up to 30 µg from 1×106 293T cells
  • Sample Volume: up to 300 µl of whole blood, cultured cells (up to 5 x 106)
  • Spin Columns: glass fiber membrane optimized for total RNA extraction
  • Individually packaged RNA spin columns and collection tubes, certified RNase and DNase-free
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25°C)



RT-PCR, Northern Blotting, Primer Extension, mRNA Selection, cDNA Synthesis