Viaflo II Electronic Pipettes

We have an electronic pipette range (with automatic spacing) for every lab, application, budget and even person.

These pipettes are a game changer – they’re intuitive, easy to use and guaranteed to never leak.

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Product Details

Lightweight Electronic Pipettes

Solving many issues of traditional manual pipetting, VIAFLO II electronic pipettes excel in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and productivity

  • The Touch Wheel is a quick and ergonomic way to modify pipetting parameters, you simply slide your finger over the wheel
  • VIAFLO II pipettes feature 10 preset pipetting programs
  • GRIPTIPS are always securely attached and perfectly aligned, regardless of how many side well touch offs are performed. You no longer have to hammer your pipette tips on or worry about pipette tips falling off!
dnature now recycles all pipette tip cases.  Contact us to find out more.


  • Repeat Dispense
  • Manual Pipette
  • Sample Dilute
  • Reverse Pipette
  • Variable Dispense


Thankyou for your support over the years – you have shared your knowledge in areas that have simplified my work at the lab bench.

I especially want to say how much I have enjoyed using the Integra pipettes – if I was starting out again these would be my first purchase! – LM, University of Otago