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Product Details

The ZiXpress® is the latest research orientated, open platform from Zinexts.  Users can develop their own extraction protocols thanks to a user-friendly protocol function.

The ZiXpress® is:

  • A stand-alone device with a compact format and 18cm touch screen
  • Available in two formats: 1-32 & 1-64 samples
  • Can be used with a choice of 4 pre-filled kits or open to 3rd party reagents from dnature and Geneaid

The technology is the highest quality proprietary Magnetic Bead Separation Technology to ensure high efficiency of lysis and elution, and minimises magnetic magnetic beads and alcohol residues in final elution product.

Can be used in:

  • Forensics
  • Food
  • Genetic tests
  • Infectious diseases
  • Animal & Plant
  • Oncology

Contact us to view our ZiXpress® being used in our lab or book a demonstration.