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Product Details

ZiXpress is an affordable second generation automated purification system specifically designed for research and diagnostic facilities.  This technology can be used across a variety of research and diagnostic requirements; from bacteria to virus, blood to tissue and more.

Features & Benefits

  • An open platform so that users can develop their own extraction protocols
  • User-friendly protocol functionality for user flexibility
  • Stand-alone & compact so little space is taken up on the lab bench
  • Available in two formats: 1-32 and a 1-64 sample format to suit different sized labs
  • Proprietary Magnetic Separation Technology which ensures high efficiency of lysis & elution and minimises magnetic beads and alcohol residues in the final elution product.


  • Forensics
  • Food
  • Genetic Tests
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Animal & Plant
  • Oncology

Contact us for more information on how this machine will streamline your lab processes or read the ZiXpress and Tech Specs.