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So many types of milk…..

Years ago there was cow’s milk and if you wanted a change, cow’s milk. Today, aside from the growth in plant-based milk, the non bovine milk segments continue to grow at pace. Worldwide, sheep milk is expected to grow 72% by 2030 to be a USD9.5 billion dollar industry.*. Goat milk is also expected to increase by 34% to be a USD11.4 billion dollar market by 2026**. This demand is increasing as consumers that have allergies, or dietary constraints, look for alternative products while others are choosing different milks for their digestibility and taste.

dnature has a suite of milk tests that can help manufacturers market their products as ‘true to type’. This means that consumers can have certainty that what they have purchased is not something else. In addition manufacturers can also ensure that their clean down processes are working and that their supplies are indeed, the correct species. Read more in the Summer 2022 edition of NZ Dairy about our testing. For further questions contact us if you have questions about our milk speciation testing.

* Verified Market Research

** Allied Market Research

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