Two new beer tests available now & some thoughts …..

We’ve recently launched two new beer tests for our brewery customers. These are for diastatic yeast and for the gene STA+ in diastatic yeast.

We’ve launched these tests because diastatic yeast can be brilliant for making a dry Belgian-style beer but can change the taste of other styles of beer to something that is super-attenuated (fizzy). The STA+ gene is in all diastatic yeast but some forms of S. cerevisiae don’t have this gene active, (so it’s not going to be a problem), but if it does, then you can deal with the issue before you have a batch of beer that can’t be sold.

Some other things we’ve noticed recently (and it’s a great way to avoid spoilage issues) is before you even start brewing, get your yeast slurry tested. This will help you confirm that the yeast is what it says it is and there is no unwanted contaminated species.

But because yeasts can grow in aerobic and anaerobic environments other good times to test are:

  • When propagating yeast slurries
  • Before you begin brewing, test your tanks & filling equipment – this is the leading cause of contamination
  • When you’re getting ready to can or bottle your brew

By spending money, on testing upfront, you can save a lot of money and time, particularly if you discover an issue later in the brewing process. Feel free to chat to us about setting up a testing programme.

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