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specialising in PCR / real-time PCR and related areas. We offer a range of instruments, reagents and services to help you in the extraction, amplification and cloning of your DNA and RNA targets.

dnature also provides a range of DNA tests in our
molecular diagnostic laboratory - ranging from
wine spoilage to truffles and Liberibacter. We
also develop custom tests for other laboratories.


Lexogen announces its 2017 research award for RNA profiling



Coffee and PCR - could there be a better combination?

Check out our latest promotion for GC Mastermix - and product information is here


Win a special edition DeNovix FX+ (combined spec & fluorimeter) - because every lab needs a little pink !

Supporting cancer research - and a NZ winner means dnature will donate $500 to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.


XLT cDNA supermix for maximum sensitivity cDNA synthesis

Still in the convenient 5X one tube format . . . but novel enyme, buffer and additives for superior performance

killing that DNA

1. You've done the hard work - you've got good quality RNA. You've seen ribosomal bands on a gel (or *cough* Fragment Analyzer). A good RQN/RIN (if that's what you go by) and everything's great. read on

I have *what* in my sample?

Reagent contamination in PCR has long been documented - not only by operators but also from commercial sources long before those operators ever laid DNA-ridden hands on them. read on
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