in a range of nature = dnature.
A major interest of our company is using DNA-based diagnostics to help solve industry
problems – problems for which other testing methods may not be sufficiently sensitive,
accurate or timely.

dnature offers a range of DNA-based diagnostic tests (PCR) over a number of different
industries using the latest best practice technology. Our expertise in the latest generation
real-time PCR means we are able to develop assays to specifically address your requirements.

We have extensive experience in developing new assays for detecting organisms of interest 
(for example, new tests for the kiwifruit bacteria Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae or Psa,
were developed in 2010-2012) and are continuing to work developing new tests - Bonamia
in the Bluff oyster being another example. 

A number of DNA tests available commercially in New Zealand were developed and launched
by our technical director. His development of a world-first rapid multi-target assay for Avocado
SunBlotch Viroid (ASBVd) was assessed by international experts and used to declare New
Zealand a country of freedom from this disease. He also designed and launched the first
commercial DNA testing panel for wine spoilage in Australasia. These tests have been further
refined and these new developments are only available from dnature.

For any queries on our current tests or to discuss any DNA testing requirements,
we welcome your call or e-mail.  Full confidentiality is assured.













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