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dnature brings new tests to the market for the dairy industry:  

  • A2Pure™ – measures the level of A1 & A2 casein DNA in milk 
  • MilkID™ – confirms the species that the product (milk or powder) is derived from & can quantify if there is  contamination species

Benefits to  dairy product producers include:  

  • Milk supplies are as expected 
  • Clean in-place protocols can be monitored 
  • Contamination issues are detected and quantified 
  • The provenance of items is secured before going to market 
  • If you are not New Zealand based, we can test milk & milk powder as long as it is from a recognised Foot & Mouth Disease free region and packaged appropriately. 



For more info and pricing, download our MilkID submission form. If you have questions about testing or anything else, call us on 0800 362 8873 (0800 DNATURE) or email  

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